Ivan Latyshev
I welcome you here, my name is Ivan Latyshev, I am the producer and founder of Alae Records.

All my life I have been making music and my first big music love began in 2002 and it was "deep house". At that time in St. Petersburg, where I came from, the legendary Neva Deep parties were held, where I got by accident and this was the beginning of my career as a DJ, and later as a producer.

I have devoted 15 years of my life to this music and have published many dance music releases on labels specializing in this area.

In parallel with this, I experimented with different genres and worked with musicians, one of such experimental works was revealed in the Home Music project and gave me a huge leap in development, as I learned a lot from this team and went beyond the usual for the first time.

In 2015, with the birth of my son, I started to go through a powerful transformation, that affected all aspects of existence and awareness.

Deep processes started not only in my inner world and family but also greatly influenced the music I wrote.

I tried different types of therapies and discovered that music can be a healing tool. I began to study this aspect "from the inside", diving deeper and deeper and the intention to create just such music began to mature in my heart.

My search brought me to Peru, where I came into contact with plant medicine, which gave me a certain "vision" and gradually healed my relationship with myself and my relatives. I learned to enter certain states of "non-thinking" without any expectations and completely new music began to open up to me.

A new chapter has started. It is dedicated to exploring how music can create space by temporarily turning off the ego with its expectations and ambitions and opening up access to real creativity that comes from the heart.

As a result, the personal transformation and deep psycho-spiritual crisis that I successfully managed to get out of (thanks to my family, therapy, strength plants and of course my favourite music), led to the birth of Alae Records.

The idea of the label was to discard all possible limits and restrictions and give way to the heart without much focus on what "others" or an internal critic who is inside any musician can say. Thus, the single Mula Femenina and Ala Espiritu EP appeared, and the album The Eagle Nest is the quintessence of this process and the result of three years of searching.

Sometime later, from the beginning of the label's work, a very interesting thing was discovered - this "new" music for me turned out to be therapeutic. If at first, it was a therapy for myself, then over time we began to receive more and more feedback from people that this music helps them live.

Subsequently, therapists began to use this music in various approaches aimed at healing in the broadest sense, and I am very glad to be involved in this process.

So one of my first House works Save me music turned out to be prophetic. Music not only preserved my life and mental health, but it also, for some unknown reason, helps other people to go through complex transformational processes and find the strength in themselves for a more conscious and happy life.

With the same message, I create Alae Records podcasts in which I collect music that resonates with me and helps, heals and leads. I have always believed that it is a sincere creative expression and the intention to share the best that can be useful and touch the human heart.

It's hard for me to imagine in my life anything more beautiful than what I'm doing now.