Ivan Latyshev
During this session, we were enjoying "4 Gold Coins" Liu Bao Hei Cha of 2000 vintage sourced by our tea brother Wojciech Wozniak TheTea.pl and Ivan used an acoustic-electronic hybrid synth "Resonant Garden" created by Folktek, along with an ocarina flute by Vitaly Che and a Tibetan bowl. The general idea behind this creation was to open up a space in which music and tea can flow together in a spontaneous way. The tea was served in the bowl tea style, with charcoal boiled water, and teaware by our dear friends Petr Novak and Mirka Randova was used. Music was creating a psycho-acoustic ambient space, which allowed for the fire, the water and the teaware to join the sound flow. It was an improvisation and even though some resonant singing was planned, the 100 syllable Vajrasatva Mantra showed up unexpectedly, and later a medicine song was born in the process. We were a bit nervous at the beginning because we had never done something like this before and had not prepared much for this experience, but we really enjoyed it and now we are looking forward to do something like that again. In it's heart, this experiment is brewed in sincerity and it's powered by our desire to share something that we value in our own lives. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to share these moments with us, we hope it will be useful in your own tea sessions, meditations or just as nice background music for your life.