Sources of Life
Introducing Latyshev's new single 'Sources of Life.' It explores the beginning and ending of life, similar to the way spring waters bring life to everything around them. Energy flows freely, and nothing can stand in the way of life.

Latyshev conducted experiments with modular synthesis, creating a unique intersection between electronics and light ambient.

This new release will be the first of 2023.
The Sacred Garden of Ganesh
feat. Dinaram
A long-awaited release in collaboration with sound practitioner and singer Dinaram.

This Mantra of Rig Veda 2.23.1 is addressed to Brihaspati / Brahmanaspati)
1: Among the Ganas (Group of Prayers), to You Who are the Ganapati (Lord of Prayers), we offer our Sacrificial Oblations
2: You are the Wisdom of the Wise and Uppermost in Glory
3: You are the foremost King of the Prayers, presiding as the Lord of the Prayers (Brahmanaspati)
4: Please come to us by Listening to our Invocation and be Present in the Seat of this Sacred Sacrificial Altar (to charge our Prayers with Your Power and Wisdom).

Deep ambient at the interface of modular synthesis.
You will find vocal and instrumental versions.
A Distant Glimmer of Sirius
When we look up at the stars, how do we feel?
Do we know who we are and where we came from?
Do we really know our history and our heritage?
This single invites you to a journey deep into yourself, into a unique place that only you have access to.
The second track is from the upcoming album 'Music for the Sleeping Gods'.
Y se la Dio Mama
feat. Ramón Ángel CoyotCuicat
We are pleased to present a new release by Ivan Latyshev in collaboration with Ramón Ángel CoyotCuicat (Singing Coyote), chief of the 'Vision Quest' mountain.

Ramon is a true legacy of the Camino Rojo tradition and shamanism in general. He himself is a legend, and his songs inspire many seekers, not only followers of the Camino Rojo way.
This release is dedicated to the song 'Y se la Dio Mama' that is literally translated as 'And Mother Gave Her'. And here we talk about the sacred cycle of rebirth, and how the feminine energy moves in this Universe. We can know the infinite play of life in full awareness of this process.

'And mother gave her,
In full awareness, she gave her life,
And who gave it to her?'

We have an organic original mix on board inspired by dance electronica and ethnic music; a tech and hypnotic version of Lama's Dream, and a deep groove from SidiRum.

Alae Records Team
Divine Mother Invocation
This song is dedicated to all the mothers of the world.
With gratitude for your work, patience, and love!

This track is a tribute to the orthodox Christian tradition and is inspired by the holy text of the prayer, which is known in Catholicism as "Hail Mary".

In such a difficult time as this we all need prayer, may this song support and help in all love and unity.
We are centered (Nice & Quiet)
Here is a single by Latyshev — 'We are centered'. One of the tracks from the new Sleeping Gods album, which will be released in 2022. The album will be based on creating certain phases for therapeutic work, meditation, and inner journeys. 'We are centered' is the music about the heart phase, when we can be centered and attentive to ourselves, to whom we really are. It's the music at the junction of modular ambient and live string quartet. Creating a space of three where the electronics symbolize space, the piano the spirit, and the violins the beauty of life and feelings.

100 Syllable Vajrasattva Mantra
feat Dinaram
We are pleased to present a new single by Ivan Latyshev and Dinaram — 100 Syllable Vajrasattva Mantra.

Deep electronic music inspired by post-rock sound is not so common for mantras, but in this case, we have decided to take a chance as an experiment. The style of chanting the mantra and its form originates from Chogyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche who left behind a gigantic legacy of the Tibetan Buddhist Dzogchen school.

Dinaram is a vocalist, sound practitioner, a true expert in mantras and sacred chants. She has devoted the last 10 years to exploring various singing cultures.

We have noticed how surprisingly this mantra correlates with time: though it has 5:46 minutes in length, it seems to last not more than 2 minutes. That makes you want to listen to the song over and over again.

We are happy to share such beauty with you.

In September 2021, we are going to release a compilation album that will include the best and deepest remixes made by various producers and musicians from all over the world.

Alae Records Team
Mariana Root — Rezo EP
We are pleased to present a new release by Mariana Root — Rezo. It's a song from her first album 'SOLay', that inspired the impressive remixes by Lama's Dream and Latyshev.

Mariana Root is a Portuguese singer and a songwriter who lived four years in South America where she had the opportunity to witness different rituals and ceremonies with indigenous natives from the Amazon forest, such as Shipibo-Conibo, Huni Kuin and Yawanawa, the Q'erus of the Andes, the Koguis and Wywas of the Sierra Nevada of Colombia, who carry their own native song, received from several generations' transmission, and who pass down an ancestral way of singing, from a state of a human integrated into nature. Inspired by these encounters, Mariana recorded her first album, from which the song 'Rezo' comes. The name of the song is translated as 'Prayer'. We would love to introduce this culture to a wider audience, in the form of a more modern electronic cut. It's produced with great care, and intention to preserve the integrity and depth of this song.

In addition to a strong organic original, you can find the deep sound of experimental electronics in 4/4 style, which is ideal for dance floors, deep listening, or ecstatic dance sessions.
The Eagle Nest
This album is the result of several years of professional, internal and spiritual transformation. These internal searches were inextricably synchronized with external searches. A new sound, a new language, a completely different sphere of perception and transmission of material.

The fusion of electronics, downtempo, ethnic music and a state of no-mind in contact with spirit and nature revealed a completely unexpected taste that immerses into a real journey and this is how it is recommended you listen to this album - from the beginning to the end. There are no "passing" tracks in order to simply "fill the space". Each work is a deep and sincere revelation in collaboration with remarkable musicians and vocalists, real professionals in their field.

The entire album is therapeutic, both for its creator and for people who is already using this music in their work: transpersonal psychologists, therapists, hypnologists. Unambiguous and positive reviews were received from many, so this music is capable of revealing deep, and most importantly, safe spaces for healing and working with subtle and expanded states of consciousness.

This music is dedicated to all the "wounded birds" who, despite the difficult and hard experiences they had to go through in a childhood or as an adults, continue to live consciously, work on themselves, raise children and try to choose love. With immense gratitude and respect to you, The Eagle Nest opens up its space for relaxation, serenity and healing in pure contact with itself.

Welcome home!
Rain Catcher EP
We are pleased to welcome you in 2020 and to offer you our new EP by Lama's Dream called Dream Catcher. This music is closer to ambient, warm guitar and soft electronics against the background of rain and wind evoke the deepest heart feelings.
Mula Femenina
The history of this mantra is very interesting. The melody and the idea came to Ivan after a trip to Peru, and for half a year he was singing it himself as a vocal example without even noticing that an inaccurate wording crept into the text, forcing the male part out of the mantra. One of Ivan's friends has noticed this and pointed it out a bit later. After half-year, a singer came to Alae Records studio with whom we recorded the final version, and for some magical reason, this inaccuracy remained in the text, unnoticed again.
Spring of the blue Energy
Words of this mantra belong to long-forgotten language from a planet that has long been extinct.
Ala Espiritu EP Vinyl
Electronics at the junction with ethnic music inspired by the last travel in Peru including 10 days spent in the shaman's village. 4 life stories told by music, stories about external and internal journeys. This EP is part of the future album, that will be released in 2019 and is a great traveller diary which shows the wonderful possibilities of mixing electronic and live music. Alae first vinyl release by Ivan Latyshev "Ala Espiritu EP"
Bypass Feelings EP
The first release of Alae Records. The main track from this EP was recorded in the small town of Nepal called Pokhara in 2013. Furthermore, the name of the label was set on those days, but a few more years passed before the project was implemented. In the beginning, Alae should have been the name of the project, but by 2017, the project was transformed into a label, and "Pokhara Lake" and two more works were published as the first release in 2018.